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This is it, the final run to release. I’ve scrambled. I’ve scrimped. I’ve burnt that midnight oil and pored over the pulp and now, finally, the last little leg is here. April 30th is the deadline and I’m proud to say that I’m going to hit it (gently). Tedrick Gritswell Turns the Tide will be released in paperback, ebook and audiobook format at all your favourite places like Smashword, Apply Books, Google Play, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

Go to for all the links. More are being added each day so if you don’t see your link in there, either let me know or wait a little while. It’s ready for pre-order now, so grab it while it’s hot. The audiobook is going to take a few more days to go through QA and distribution. Once it’s out, there should be a special ‘release price’ for it.

It has been a ton of fun getting this book done. I love working with different antagonists because you can style their actions based on their personality. Sassam was a greedy, heartless booky. Coraline was charming and deadly. Caspar was a cold, confident sadist. This time, Tedrick ‘Stumpy’ Gritswell faces off against the elusive Syd Carbone, a powerful, crafty spud who operates from the shadows and always seems to be one step ahead. He’s so mysterious, even the Old Salts don’t know who he is, yet his influence is felt across the waters. How do we know his personality if we don’t even know who he is?

From his deeds. His machinations show he’s very intelligent and the fact that he can hide from the Salts means he’s careful, crafty and highly manipulative. Is he cruel? You bet. How cruel? You’ll just have to find out. Are there new characters? Plenty. New critters? Absolutely – we’ve even got squid this time!

Exciting, right? Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too long. I’ve got more on my TO-DO list to go through, so you’ll forgive me if I skedaddle now. More updates to come as the deadline approaches. In the meantime, spread the word: Octopuses rock.