New Paranormology – Livermead Hill Ghost

Number nine in the Paranormology series, this was a big longer to write than I would have liked but, as I mentioned, there was a big ol’ moving of house in the middle of the works, along with a fair few unmentionable issues at work and in my private life. Long story short – it has been a while, but I’m near the end and you’re about to get the next installment.

Originally it was going to be set in Teignmouth, but closer to Torquay seemed to suit better. Not in Torquay proper, mind you, but a little way outside, enough for a small town with a lot of loose lips to flourish.

The story is more personal to the protagonist, getting down into his own psyche and revealing his own feelings and failings. Not to give too much away, the entity in question has it in for Laddie. Reminiscent of Grosvenor Lane to an extent, this unworldly attachment is less than playful. Just why is the core of the matter. Mister Bradley Saunders, despised miser during his lifetime, has his own unresolved issues.

Livermead Hill Ghost is slated to be completed by April 26th, in eBook and Audiobook. Which reminds me, I’d better get cracking on the audio, pronto, or it won’t be cleared in time.

More posts on this as we get closer!


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