Livermead Hill Ghost, away!

May 1st, 2024. It has been one heck of a day. One of those days, in fact, that makes you want to curl up in a little ball, soak yourself in whiskey and forget about it. Yeah, the pressure was on, but it’s not all bad. Not all bad.

Because today, at around midday local time, the clocked ticked over in Americaland to mark the time that Book 9 of Paranormology, Livermead Hill Ghost, has been released. In eBook, audiobook and paperback, you can grab the ninth installment of vintage ghost hunting from your favourite retailer.

Click on for the easiest way to peruse among Amazon, Kobo, Google, iTunes, Barnes and Noble… the list keeps growing every day.

Thanks for reading (or listening), I certainly hope you enjoy it!