Livermead Hill Ghost

Livermead Audio and Hardcopy

We’ve all been there. University assignments, daily chores, moving house. Whatever it is, you think you’re at the end, there’s nothing more to do because you’ve nutted out the main problem, fixed all the issues, sorted the things that need to be sorted but – but – you’re not finished. And you know you’re not because there’s that nagging thought at the back of your mind. It’s those things you would have remembered to do if you had not thrown out the checklist you made up.

That’s me about two days ago. Along with the ebook version, I want to have the audiobook and paperback available. I had recorded the audio, and that was a bit of work, let me tell you, but the punch-ins and errors have all been handled and Audacity has let me know that the whole thing conforms to the Amazon standards. Great. I made the front cover and got that all uploaded into Findaway. I’ve converted the audio to mp3s and uploaded them at the correct bitrate and modified the chapter headings, and even put the blurb in properly. Let’s roll.

So, too, with Lulu, I’ve made the cover, including the back and spine, uploaded it and checked the boundaries. The page numbers and chapter headers, margins and paper size needed to be altered, and there were issues with the PDF insisting on page breaks where there weren’t any. Because of course it did. Anyway, after a whole lot of exporting, fixing, and exporting again, I managed to get it to play ball, and uploaded it to Lulu as a new project. Grand.

There’s that nagging feeling again. What have I forgotten? Welp, turns out both projects are sitting there in limbo, waiting for me to, you know, finish the whole meta-data and stuff. Yeah. Yeaaaah. Kinda forgot about that bit. So all the hard stuff is done, and now it needs a little nudge to get it over the line. Typical me.

On that note, I’m off to push them over the line. It’s only 11th of April, so that should be enough time to get them through the wringer and out the other side. Wish me luck!

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