Listen, dear Octopus

Tedrick’s latest book is built off words. Lots of words that make up phrases that make up sentences that make up paragraphs that make up chapters. Those words sit on the page, or the ePage if you’re one of them fandangled new-age tech-savvy ebook whatnots. But what if he wants to, you know, speak. What if Tedrick needs a voice?

We can make that happen. Through Findaway Voices, an awesome service as if you didn’t already know, I’ve procured the help of the amazing Larry Gorman to lend his vocal talents to bringing our favourite octopus detective to life once more. The latest book in the series and, I’m afraid to say, possibly the last, is going to be his finest work.

We’ll need a front cover, 3000px square, so let’s make that happen:

The upshot is that Mr Gorman is already hammering through the manuscript. So far, everything is on target for the launch date of April 30th. What does that mean for you, though?

It means if you want the book in audio, you can have it. You want it in ebook? No probs. You want it in hard copy? I can make that happen (but I need to do a bit of fiddling first).

In short, I’m looking to getting everything wrapped up in a bow before the deadline, so there are no silly issues on the release date. One mustn’t keep an octopus waiting, after all.

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