Octopus Detective Ahoy!

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock or, let’s be honest, camouflaging from predators, it’s all official – Tedrick Gritswell Gets Crabby is being launched on the 30th of April, 2022! Get your suckers ready for a colourful, quirky and oftentimes dark underwater treat. What starts off as a simple case involving an odd transfer of land devolves into a story of extortion, lies, theft and murder.

From the sophisticated corals of Bluderamme to the rural tranquility of Eastertide, Bill, Reg and Stumpy follow the case into peril. Following on from Tedrick Gritswell Makes Waves, the story sees old memories coming back to haunt Ted, new enemies formed and unexpected acquaintances met along the way.

We’re almost there. Only a couple more days to go and it’s getting exciting. The ebook has been distributed to the various retailers. The hardcopy is ready. I’ve adjusted and approved the galley. The audiobook is almost there but won’t be available on the date, I’m afraid. Not to worry, it will be released shortly after and, as a bonus, I think it will be launched at a special reduced price.

Get your togs on, select your finest keelstick upon which to chew and get ready for Tedrick Gritswell Gets Crabby!

Find all the links here: https://books2read.com/links/ubl/3n5ZE5