Tedrick Gets Crabby

What’s the Matter, Tedrick? Getting Crabby?

With Caspar’s demise, you’d think that Tedrick could take a well earned rest on some soft sand and munch on a cockle or two but, no, that’s not about to happen, not when there’s a call from Barnes to investigate some dodgy dealings over at Slockerspit’s place.

From the sparkling shoals of Bluderamme, to the calm waters of Eastertide, Tedrick finds himself embroiled in a power struggle he doesn’t comprehend. Sinister plans are uncovered, plans that could threaten all of Borobo, and it’s up to our seven-armed spud to figure it out before it’s too late.

Yep, you guessed it, Tedrick is hitting the shores soon enough. The first draft of ‘Tedrick Gritswell Gets Crabby’ was completed yesterday. That’s one heck of a milestone, considering everything else that has gone on this year. I’m still aiming to have it out before April, 2022, so while that might seem like a lifetime away, it’ll come around faster than you think.

Until then, I’ve got to get cracking on the front cover, then do the second draft, then more editing and proofing and the third draft, maybe a fourth, and there are plenty of cups of coffee in between. Better get cracking, eh?

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