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How’s the new look?

I visited my web site the other day. I didn’t like it. It was drab. It was grey. It didn’t appeal to me. I mean, there were bits and pieces that looked alright but, really, when I sat back and had a squint objectively, I decided I didn’t like it. Why? What’s wrong with it? It made sense, it was laid out all fine.

In a bid to try and correct whatever it was that irked me, I fiddled with the colours. Nah. No good. I twiddled the fonts. Poo. Something was definitely wrong.

So, today, I had a dive into the ‘Themes’ of this WordPress gizmo. I was running on Twenty Sixteen (that’s the name of the theme) which seemed to be a bare-bones looking theme. Very boxy, very straight-up-and-down. Wasn’t bad… just wasn’t great.

I went and explored Themes. There are themes for photography and themes for reviews and themes for blogger and vloggers and zloggers. There are themes that are highly complex and themes that are minimalist. I never knew. You see, I’m a back-end software developer by day, so my forte is in databases and numbers and architecture, not front-endy things. Sure, I’ve done my fair share of gui stuff. It’s mediocre, I’ll admit it, but I can do it. I work on function first, then form. That’s why my website was crappy.

Searching through themes is fun. It’s kind of like shopping, only there aren’t any crowds, no snotty kids bumping into me, no nannas telling me to get out of the way. I can peruse and choose and click a little button on each of the previews which will download it then and there, and then I can do a Live Preview.

That’s right. At the push of a button, I can test-drive a theme on my site and give it the old thumbs up or down without having to commit to anything too serious. You know, themes can be a bit clingy, so…

Anyways, after much trial and even more error, I managed to settle on … wait while I go find out what I eventually chose… “Dynamico”! It even sounds impressive. It’s light, it’s responsive, it’s crisp and it looks schmicko. Well, it would if I stuff a picture of my mug in there.

There you go. What do you think of the new look?

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