Full Facial Octopus Mask

When Book Week rolls around, we try and give it a bit of effort. Joey is really into books and I will do anything I can do to encourage that. Last year was (and still is) into Geronimo Stilton, a journalist mouse from New Mouse City. I could have gone with a cone made out of brown paper to make the snout, and cut out some paper plates and stuck them to a headband to make ears – thinking of it now, that would’ve been heller easier, and wouldn’t have turned out to bad – but, yeah, instead of that, I made a mouse mask:

The only thing is I forgot to put pince nez glasses on the shnoot, but apart from that, I reckon it turned out pretty good.

Well, this year it kind of crept up on me. The conversation went something like:
“Hey, Jez.”
“The Book Week parade is next Friday.”
“You what?”
“Book Week Parade thing.”
“Next Friday.”

Not a lot of time to prepare. Also, because we’re currently under lockdown, there was no heading down to the hardware store or Clark Rubber to pick up supplies. Bum. Didn’t have the foam I wanted. Didn’t have the paint I wanted. Didn’t have theā€¦ So, as with most things in life, I had to make do.

In the end, I think it came together alright. Check it out:

One thing that really bugged me was that I had a MIDI of Octopus’s Garden which, for obvoius reasons, went great with the video but apparently even a midi is under copyright. So we went for some funky upbeat tunes instead. Ah, whatever. Let me know what you think!

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