Can you handle *more* octopus?

Tedrick’s audiobook was so much fun! Hearing him come to life, the characters, the narration, it was a real treat, you know? The Findaway experience was smooth from start to end, and the amazing Mister Larry Gorman is a true gentleman and a proper artist. There really was nothing that caused any friction throughout the whole thing.

On a further note, I had a look at Audible today and was well chuffed to see that we’ve already got some feedback:

Thanks Margaret! You’re a champ!

I say we because this really is a team effort – Larry brings the book to life and he’s put a lot of bloody hard work into it, so a lot of this goes out to him. But you see, there’s that bit at the end, the part about the follow up. Disappointed. I – I can’t have that.

Well, Margaret, if you’re reading this, first I’d like to sincerely thank you for your feedback. All authors love to hear any feedback at all, and for you to take the time to set it down means more than you can know. Secondly, and importantly, you’re articulating what you want. Couldn’t be more clear. You want… more octopus.

What to do? What to do? In the words of someone wise, ‘You have to give them what they want’. So, in light of all of this, I think the best course of actions is…

Tedrick gets his sequel!

That’s right, Madge (you don’t mind me calling you Madge, do you?), consider yourself the catalyst to kicking my sculpted butt into gear and getting Tedrick Gritswell Makes Waves converted into an Audiobook!

Now, here’s a little secret (because we all like secrets): I was going to be working on the new Tedrick Gritswell ebook, titled ‘Tedrick Gritswell gets Crabby‘, and I will be doing that in the background but, since you insist, I will make pains to get this happening.

That is, of course, if Larry is available. I’ll check. Back in a bit…

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