Octopus Detective On Super Sale

Before I get onto a problem I had with converting a Microsoft Word document to PDF for printing to Lulu (compelling stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree), I thought I had better mention something more immediate, tangible and beneficial to everyone. In short, from now until December 23rd, all three audiobooks of Tedrick Gritswell are on Super Sale at only 99c each on Chirp! That’s… <does calculations> … over 24 hours of octopus goodness for under $3!


Insane, I know, but it’s leading up to Christmas and I’m feeling jolly. That’s Tedrick Gritswell of Borobo Reef, Tedrick Gritswell Makes Wave and, the latest, Tedrick Gritswell Gets Crabby, all yours for your listening pleasure. Narrated by Larry Gorman, the underwater world of Borobo Reef is both perilous and beautiful, featuring a mix of characters, some loony, some shady, some deadly.


Wow, I can’t believe I’m doing this… Something, something, Black Friday, or is that Cyber Monday? Dunno. Must be something in this eggnog. Better head on over to Chirp and grab your copy before I sober up: