Tedrick Gritswell Makes Waves

Dark Secrets Are No Match For An Octopus

Tedrick has a knack for getting himself into dark, squishy crevices, but isn’t that typical of our cephalopod friends? Only the waters he’s crawling into are deadlier than a reef full of eels.

Tedrick Gritswell Makes Waves is the second book in the underwater detective series and, for a limited time, it’s on special for only $1.99 at Chirp Audiobooks. Do yourself a solid and get a neat little Christmas present while it’s hot:


Narrated by the talented Larry Gorman and written by yours truly, Tedrick Gritswell Makes Waves follows on from the aftermath of Tommy Two-Tone, Sassam, and the Medici family. With Bill as his muscle and Reginald, the chatterbox Cuttlefish, as his spy, will Tedrick be able to stand up against an invisible foe?

The special runs from the 17th of December through to the 15th of January. Be sure to secure your copy before time runs out!