Tedrick Giveaway

Give it away now!

I’ve a very exciting announcement for all you lovers of the underwater realm, and especially you cephalopod enthusiasts (I’m looking at you, Octonation!). For the month of November, 2021, you can snag yourself Tedrick Gritswell of Borobo Reef to read on your Kindle device.

No, you don’t need to rub the sand out of your ears, you heard me alright. This November there’s a giveaway of 100 copies of Tedrick’s adventures under the waves! Thems pretty good odds, eh?

So what’s the deal? Well, firstly it’s open only to US residents. Not sure why, but that’s the way the seagrass sways, and I can’t change that. Secondly, it’s from Goodreads with the book delivered via Amazon, so you’ll need a Kindle reader of some description. Aside from that, there’s nothing else to it. The winners will be announced on the 30th of November and the eBook goes floating through the electronic aether and installs itself on your device – kind of like an early Christmas present. Neat, huh?

Here, have a link – https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/333985-tedrick-gritswell-of-borobo-reef

Don’t be a silly spud and miss out. Sign up for your chance to win a free copy now!