Adaptation – Part 5 is coming

The wait is almost over. Adaptation – Part 5 is almost here. It will be another week or so before it’s up for pre-order. Good things take time. Without giving too much away, Ryan and Ottavio’s path cross once more, Brother Janus and Sister Hanifé become separated and someone turns out to be more than they seem. Of special mention is scene involving Jonathan Von Braun in a most hideous situation. In case you are wondering, I did tone it down a little from the original, but it is still quite graphic in nature.

Here’s a sneak peek of the front cover.
Adaptation5Small For those of you taking note, it represents Ottavio’s Neural Processing Unit, demonstrated to the Board by Professor Jung in Part 1.

The expected Pre-Order date is 1 June, 2015 with a release one month after that. Now, I’d better get back to it. This book won’t write itself, you know.