All of Jez’s audiobooks on sale!

The title kind of says it all, but you’re probably after details. Alrighty, then: All of my audiobooks, through the various distributors like Google, Apple, Barnes and Noble and Chirp have been heavily reduced in price. For how long? Ostensibly until the end of September, but why wait? Head on over to your favourite retailer or hit this link to get all the links in one spot:

Do you like ghost hunting in the Victorian era? There’s the whole Paranormology series for only 99c a book.

Or perhaps you’re after an octopus detective investigating underwater mysteries? Tedrick Gristwell has you covered for only $1.99 each.

You might fancy a fantasy adventure involving ghoulish pirates and an extinct underground civilisation. Iris of the Shadows is yours for $4.99.

Or maybe you’re after some suburban Australiana. That’ll be Atlas, Broken for 99c.

Go on, have a browse. You’re welcome. As for me, I’ll be right here working on the next installment of Paranormology.