All Profits go to Bart’s Ration Challenge

Bartek Sobieszczuk, or ‘Bart’ to those in the know, is taking part in a fundraiser to live off only rations for a week in order to raise money for Syrian refugees.

I got to thinking about how I could help out. I’m not rolling in dough, no sir, and a lot of my spare change has gone his way but that’s not quite enough. Well, Bart has helped me to help him help others.

I’ve agreed to two things:

  1. Any and all profits from any and all sales of Tedrick Gritswell from today (Tuesday, 20th of June) to Saturday (24th of June) will go straight to Bart’s fund.
  2. On Friday I will do as he is doing and subsist solely off 600g of rice for the day. I think I also get to have a tea-bag. Maybe.

It’s not much, I know, but it means that I can at least contribute something more than a fistful of dollars and, as he put it, “They (you guys) get a great read and contribute to a worthy charity at the same time!”

Sounds about right to me.

Of course, if you wanted to donate directly, go right ahead:


That’s the link for his fundraising efforts. It’ll tell you more about it than I can. Go and give it a visit.

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