Tedrick’s Third (Giggity) Book

Tedrick Gritswell’s adventures are getting on. Sure, he lost a limb. And he has been beaten up. A lot. And he got poisoned and stabbed, oh, and there was that thing with Caspar and his skin and all of that. Clearly that’s not enough because he’s back in the third installment, Tedrick Gritswell Gets Crabby.

Poor Stumpy can’t catch a break! It’s not like things were all wrapped up after he made waves. Quite the opposite. If anything, he has gone and brought a whole heap more trouble down on himself, he just doesn’t know it yet. The Old Salts, see, they don’t forget.

The grand news is that I have, despite working well into the night in my 9 to 5 (which is becoming more like a 7 to 11), I’ve scraped together whatever hours of sanity I had left, plonked my already weary behind in front of a keyboard and typed this next book out. It’s only fair to Tedrick, see?

So, while I’m behind on the November 2021 schedule, I’m actually in front of the July 2022 schedule! I’ll have to adjust the official release date. Let’s see… it’s currently March 19th. I’ll need to square up the final draft, finalise the front cover (which needs a bit more work), put it into an eBook edition, make it into a hard-copy, get the audio-book version going – Hiya Larry! – and get it into the distribution network. That’ll be at least a month right there, so, in reality, we’re looking at the end of April.

How about that for a date? April 30th, 2022 is now the official release date for Tedrick Gritswell Gets Crabby!

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