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Draw Yourself an Octopus – Octonation

Just when you thought the internet couldn’t get any cooler, a block of ice falls into your glass with a satisfying clink. Octonation, a group dedicated to education and research of our eight legged friends, have their tentacles around over the latest news, art and research, along with educational materials and resources.

Go poke your mitts around there, see what you find. Pretty neat, huh? Did you see the sculptures? Did you check out the Octopedia? What about the merch? Welp, they’ve done a super-dooper live-stream video with Chris Adams on ‘How to Draw You an Octopus!

You missed it? Well don’t get sand in your suckers, because they’ve had the smarts to upload it to the tubes. Here’s the link:

I’m quite a fan of art, and this kind of thing was right up my alley. I mean, you can make your own octopus, colour it any way you like, have it holding anything you want, pose it as you please. Camouflage it, give it texture, add your tentacles, go more suckers or fewer, it’s up to you. Whole lot of fun!

Here’s what I made for Wifey –

Octonation - Tedrick Gritswell

How cool is that? Just follow along with the video. Don’t worry, it’s not at break-neck speed. Grab yourself a piece of paper, a pencil, and give it a crack! You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Then show off your work of art to the Octonation Twitter feeds or Instagrams or Facebooks, get your friends to have a go as well, compare your thirds… so to speak.

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