Tedrick Gritswell Makes Waves

What does the Octopus say?

“I’m Tedrick Gritswell, and I’m made of better stuff!” that’s what!

Once more, your favourite octopus has been given a voice. Larry Gorman, that interstellar spud from across the waves, has put his vocals to the grindstone for your listening pleasure, and what a pleasure it was to work with him again!

From goons to gals, from the coppers to the crims, Mr Gorman has brought the next installment of Tedrick’s adventure to life. Our detective has one heck of a rough trot, taking up the case of an apparent ‘suicide’ only to find himself in over his bulb.

Tedrick Gritswell Makes Waves is coming to a rock-pool near you. To celebrate – and let’s face it, we need a good celebration this year – it’s already out at Chirp for a special offer of only $4.99 until the 30th of September! What? That’s not enough? OK, well to sweeten the deal, you can get the original Audiobook of Tedrick Gritswell of Borobo Reef for only 99c! It’s for a strictly limited time (because the party can’t go on forever).

Here’s the link on Chirp:


If you do that math, that’s over 17 hours of octopus shennanigans for under $6. Crazy stuff, I know, but I’m really excited and I hope you get excited, too! What are you still doing here? Head on over and grab yourself a copy, slam in those earbuds and relax on the couch to Mr Gorman’s voice!

For those of you who don’t have a Chirp account, Tedrick’s next adventure will be coming soon to Audible, iTunes, Google Play, Kobo and all the good platforms over the next few weeks.

Now go on, get outta here and secure your copy!

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