Iris of the Shadows

The Officially Unofficial Release!

Iris. Of. The. Shadows. Today, the 21st of July, 2021, marks the actual, official, bona fide, genuine, you-beaut, true-dinks, honest-and-for-realsies-this-time release of Iris of the Shadows.

You know, because I stuffed up. Because Jez and dates are two things that shouldn’t be mixed together. But let’s not dwell on what was supposed to be and concentrate on what actually is, you know, base ourselves in reality. Which is kind of funny, because Iris is a fantasy. That’s the reality.

Enough of that! There are celebrations to be had, libations to be dribbled and carpets to be soiled. Eat, drink (in moderation), read and be merry, but be sure to get your hands on copy. Go eBook, it’s faster delivery and prolly better for the environment, what with the size of the book and all.

Slow down, Jez! Where do I find Iris?

Good question. Check out this awesome link from Book2Read:

She comes in eBook format and softcover, and there are bound to be more sites tomorrow once the release has taken effect, but Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Google Play are all up and running. And there’s Angus and Robertson, Book Depository, Scribd, take your pick. Please leave a review, however you feel, and enjoy that read!

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