Grosvenor Lane Ghost

Grosvenor Lane Ghost is my first ghost story and the first in the Paranormology series. I have always wanted to write a ghost story. So one night while watching an episode of Ghost Hunters, I was inspired to think what ghost hunting might be like without whizz-bang thermal imagery, low-lux cameras, full-sprectrum or UV whatnots, voice recorders, amplifiers, temperature gauges, electromagnetic detectors and the like.

The more I thought about it, the more I understood that while ghost investigation in any period of time appears fantastic, back in the era of invention and potential, where anything was possible, it might have a chance at being taken seriously. Of course, the advent of photography led to shysters and soothsayers popping their heads up, pouring cold water on any attempt to bring credence to the field. With this in mind, Grosvenor Lane Ghost took shape.

It is not a horror story, nor is it really about the ghost. No explanation is given about the child’s origin, or the circumstances in which it lived or died. Why? Because it is irrelevant to this story. It would only serve to muddy the waters and distract the reader from the essence of the story.

The cover art uses a neat house in Essendon. I probably looked a little creepy, standing out on the street taking happy snaps of a random house, but I think it came up trumps. The hard part was driving around, trying to find the house that fit the story.

Published: Oct. 04, 2014
Words: 25,590
Language: Australian English
ISBN: 9781311743749

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