Author: Jeztyr

Series, Seriously

In the previous post, I went over some of my experiences with making a series. Hindsight, that blessed beast, shows me that, for my first book, I bit off way more than my immature mandibles could handle. Breaking it up […]

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Meet 'Swamps', the Deep-One

Swamp-Beast Egg

Still with the creepy, Halloween theme, we have the Swamp-Beast Egg. It was going to be Cthulu, but everyone knows that Cthulu has tentacles. If you want to get all Lovecraftian, it could possibly be a Deep-One Egg. I’ve also […]

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Radio Ain’t Dead

I’ll have to interrupt the whole egg blowing business for a quick revert to writing and, more specifically, promotional advertising. Yes, if you’re an independent writer, heck, independent artist, you’re going it alone in everything, and that includes telling the […]

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