Adaptation – Part 4

One thing I love about books is that you get the opportunity to see and feel what is going on inside a character’s mind. I imagine a film or television Director would need to work a story in order to let the audience know why a character did or said something, whereas in the book, we have the ability to jump inside a head and look around.

In the opening scene of Part 4, back in the Wheaton compound, I felt the challenge of the movie director: Ottavio has very little time, yet the reasons for the decisions he makes are not exactly apparent. I found it difficult, very much so, to keep the pace and sense of urgency going while still giving you the rational, driven Ottavio that you’ve come to know.

The other part of this book that posed a challenge was the abandoned subways of Chicago and the Hellbeasts (Woot! Hellbeasts!). It’s a distinctly different pace to the rest of the book, and I didn’t want it to appear alien or out of place, just another forgotten portion of the planet in a troubled world.

Ryan’s foray into the mall allows us to see more of this young man than he’d like us to. The Hero of the Humanity who hates people? That’s going to end well. And when he meets Xavier, well, that lets him see more of himself than he’d like!

The cover art of Adaptation – Part 4 relates to Ottavio’s presence of mind, that his situation is sinking in. This, of course, is prior to his engagement with Simon!

Published: July 01, 2014
Words: 98,250
Language: American English
ISBN: 9781310414893

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