Blowing Eggs

If you’re after something for the whole family to enjoy, or if you’d prefer to hand-out something that your hand has made, then these might inspire you. You can read about the basics of egg blowing here, or, if you’ve mastered that, just get cracking!

Also, here’s a neat video about using a breast pump to crank through a whole stack of eggs quickly:

Flower Power

Dried flowers or sculpted flowers

Prince and Pauper

Pauper Eggs, unshaven, ragged, small, sad eyes
Price Egg: Clean shaven, large, bright eyes, lovely turban
Variation on the Prince Egg, with red turban and black feathers

Robot Eggs

Robot Egg: Buzz-click-whirrrr.
Copper and Brass go well
Copper and Brass go well
Back Patch Panel: Leaking oil. What a sad little robot!

Deviled Eggs and Eggs Benedict

Deviled Egg
Deviled Egg
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict

Creeps & Critters

Creepy eyeball egg!
Meet 'Swamps', the Deep-One
Meet ‘Swamps’, the Deep-One
Mummy Egg

Easter 2016

Golgotha Egg, with a silhouette of three crosses on the mound out from the city, and purple, gold, blue and white eggs.


Easter Eggs 2016 the restEaster 2017

This year I made a bunch of Ladybird eggs. Picture? How about a video.



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