Tedrick Gritswell Gets Crabby

Tedrick Gritswell Gets Crabby

The third book in the series, Tedrick Gritswell Gets Crabby takes up a after the ordeal with Caspar and Dreadnought O’Nally’s murder. After a terrible storm, Captain Cody Barnes of the Borobo Reef Police Department requests Stumpy to go and investigate the strange goings on at a stretch of barren land, occupied by the hermit Slockerspit.

What starts off as a seemingly innocuous investigation quickly turns violent and bloody. The trail will lead Tedrick across the reef, from the glitzy Bluderamme Ridges to sleepy Eastertide, and he’ll meet up with various octopuses and cuttlefish, some polite, some rude, some murderous. Everyone has an agenda, of course, and it’s hard to tell who to trust but it soon becomes clear that not only is this no ordinary case, the future of Borobo Reef is at stake.

Tedrick Gritswell Gets Crabby is available for pre-sale now, with an official release on April 30th, 2022.

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