Funny Business

You know, sometimes you do silly things and you giggle and you forget them in a few months. And sometimes you have a camera handy to record the inspiration.

Mimbo – The Spicy Mouse Dim Sim

For those of you who don’t know, Melbourne is the birthplace of the Dim Sim. If you’re ever down here, wrap your laughing gear around a South Melbourne Dimbo and experience the savoury, salty, fried joy of cabbage and pork and pepper.

Some add soy sauce to their dimmidog, others like tomato sauce, or even mustard. Me? I like mine spicy:

Mystery Box

We get a fruit box every week at work. Someone made the mistake of leaving it in the development area. I found it, we all had a giggle and then, well, this (NB: Have the sound on):

Benefiber + Beer = Ew

On the side of the Benefiber tub is “Not recommended for carbonated beverages.” I asked why not? I then found out.

Pafinator – Air Hurling Fun

A while ago I knocked a few of these up and had a hoot. I got bored, so I knocked a couple more up.

Bugging out – Dust Devil

Don’t know what this little critter actually is, but he was going at the dirt hammer and tongs. The squeaky noise he was making was what first drew my attention.

Salsicce! La Canzone – The Sausages song

This one was one of those ‘What the heck am I doing?’ things. The sausages, you see, they get hung in my garage every year. Such perfume! Such a sight! Such a slap in the face every time I stand up. I decided to make a video, then I chose to create music to add to it, then I found a disco-ball… the result? A sausage party!